Learn to Be

“Unless our children begin to learn together, there is little hope that our people will ever learn to live together.” - Justice Thurgood Marshall, United States Supreme Court

Thrive is a Social Emotional Learning school where students Learn to Be. That means that in addition to a rigorous academic curriculum, Thrive also has a deep community focus. At Thrive we foster a connection between doing and being, believing the way we get the job done and how hard we work are just as important as what we produce. Doing good work with integrity makes everyone more effective in the 21st century workplace.  

Interwoven in all we do at Thrive is an emphasis on students’ self-advocacy and self‐actualization.  We set high standards for student behavior, and offer applied learning, student choice and continuous support and feedback. We emphasize self‐regulation and good decision making in the pursuit of ambitious goals, helping students understand that some of the greatest learning can come from reflection on “failures.” Students are active participants in designing and directing their own learning, reflecting on their learning styles.  They learn the confidence and poise necessary to present at culminating exhibitions and to lead conferences where they discuss their learning with parents and teachers.

Our Approach

Learning to Learn

Learning to Be



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