Blog: From Near and Far

Thrive Students From Near and Far

By Sarah Lopez


At Thrive, we work hard to build a community that is bigger than our students’ backyards - both through the classwork students do and also through the people who come together to make up our community.


Every year, new families join us from all over San Diego. As a school that has both commuter students (those carpooling to school) and kids who walk to campus from the neighborhood, what unites us is not the street we live on but rather our passion for a school that is inclusive, caring and engaging.

Did you know that families come to us from over 45 different zip codes? They come from places as far as Del Mar down to Otay Mesa, from Rancho San Diego to Ocean Beach.  The many perspectives that our students bring with them to school offers both challenges and opportunities. Our teachers work with our kids to foster productive and meaningful conversations around embracing differences and building relationships between classmates and with their teachers. You can read more about why we believe there is power in us coming together and how we create a culture of belonging.


Our wide-ranging parent community enriches Thrive. Thrive parents work in fields from neurology to architecture, social services to law. With so many connections to different industries and communities, we can find guest speakers for any student interest and experts to consult with for our hands-on projects. In addition to project work, our high school uses family connections to coordinate a Career Week. This designated week gives our high school students exposure to professionals willing to share their time and experiences about their profession. We couldn’t do this without our parents and their connection to so many different kinds of professions.


How do we attract so much diversity to Thrive’s campuses in the first place? We engage in purposeful outreach efforts to various kinds of communities and we take a whole-hearted approach to building relationships and our presence in those communities. Additionally, we provide supports that ensure every admitted student who wants to attend is able to make it to our schools every day. We spread the word about our schools through both digital and print media, but most of our recruitment comes through word of mouth from current parents. They tell folks in their network about us, share their Thrive stories via social media, and bring their friends to visit our school.


Our “Parent Ambassadors” make a huge difference as well. We equip their desire to spread the word about Thrive with an tool kit that contains flyers, brochures, and other items about Thrive. We are so appreciative of our Thrive families and staff, whose on-the-ground presence and advocacy of Thrive is crucial to our schools’ enrollment success and ability to foster a strong community among diverse students on our campuses every day.


If you would like to become a Parent Ambassador and receive materials and invitations to outreach events, contact us!  You can e-mail me, Sarah Lopez, Director of Partnerships & Communications, at


Here is a fun bonus: this is a map of where our students are applying from! Isn't it cool?

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