Director of Instruction

Director of Teaching and Learning (Principal)


Reports to:  CEO


Role: The DTL is responsible for enacting Thrive’s mission and vision at the school site.  S/he sets the tone for synergistic collaboration, effective communication, personal initiative and high quality instruction that is to be emulated by his/her staff.  S/he ensures that each student is supported by caring and competent adults and is engaged in project based and blended learning.  S/he keeps college graduation, career success and community involvement as objectives that guide school programing.  S/he motivates and inspires all school stakeholders, so that they know how they are contributing to these outcomes. The DTL offers support to students, faculty and parents.



School Site Leadership

  • Supervises and support school site leadership team
  • Sees everyone as life-long learners, and develops leadership capacity within her- himself and all school site leaders
  • Builds an effective and collaborative leadership team, and teaches site leaders to do the same with the teams they lead
  • Recognizes both the power and responsibility in symbolic authority, while modeling distributive and relational leadership, recognizing that “everyone is an expert, and everyone is a novice.”  Demonstrates comfort with leading from the middle.
  • Can develop and articulate a graduated plan (1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 5 years) for how the school site will accomplish Thrive’s goals
  • Recognizes the unique challenges of opening a new school, including public relations, community organization and outreach, and branding
  • Recognizes potential obstacles to achieving school goals, and anticipates them.  Embraces obstacles as opportunities and acts with a solutions-oriented approach toward them
  • Models agency and action, balanced with expectations for excellence
  • Is a visible presence on the school site and at school functions
  • Understands the varied operational and leadership demands of a school, and knows how to assign oversight of such tasks, including: CELDT, discipline, mental health, Special Education, and data management.
  • Demonstrates an ability to rapidly absorb information and data, to process this data within the school site context and Thrive’s greater context, and to make timely, relevant decisions based upon the information and data provided


Faculty Support and Recruitment

  • Co-recruits, interviews and recommends qualified site staff to the CEO
  • Supports site staff by providing appropriate training, feedback and guidance
  • Completes teacher and leader evaluations and supports a model of teacher-to-teacher critique and feedback, and teaches other site leaders to do the same
  • Leads teacher professional development including teacher orientation, initiative implementation, critical friends protocols, and staff meetings


Teaching and Learning Program

  • Demonstrates a strong foundation in instructional leadership.  Can articulate aspects of effective teaching, and identify resources that will support school initiatives
  • Assures instructional program includes: blended learning, interdisciplinary project-based learning, authentic assessment, data-informed instruction, effective use of technology, social emotional learning, heterogeneous grouping and other signature practices
  • Oversees assessments and state-mandated testing
  • Develops vision for and oversees implementation of intensive sessions, summer school, afterschool, extracurricular programs
  • Supervises data collection, co-creates metrics, analyzes and present school data for multiple audiences
  • Oversees WASC and other accreditations
  • Updates and implements LEA plan and Single Site Plans


School Culture

  • Understands the demographics of the surrounding community and can target school programs to support community needs
  • In both word and action, has an unwavering belief in the potential of all students, in their agency and their roles as active members of the school community.  Believes students deserve voice and choice in school, and builds a community that embraces this belief
  • Coordinates and oversees the social emotional development of students across site
  • Develops synergistic thinking among site leaders and faculty, recognizing both the “parts” and the “whole” of any given situation
  • Sees the value of varied stakeholders, and can code-switch to appropriate communicate with them across social, economic and ethnic differences
  • Models effective, timely communication and organizational practices that allow for meaningful collaboration among teammates
  • Recognizes the unique challenges of shaping a new school culture, including establishing rituals, routines and symbols and getting community buy-in for these
  • Models, creates, implements and sustains systems that embody the Thrive vision and mission
  • Develops a strong, inclusive school culture that celebrates risk taking, perseverance and success
  • Develops and supports school norms, habits of mind and protocols
  • Supervises discipline and intervention programs
  • Models professionalism, solution-oriented style and reflective practice
  • Leads and assigns supervision (before school; lunch; after school, events, etc)


Student and Family Services

  • Manages matriculation and orientation of new students and families to the school
  • Directs implementation of advisory program and serve as a student advisor
  • Oversees special education program and IEPs
  • Oversees EL Program, (including testing, curriculum, and staff support)
  • Coordinate School Site Council and ELAC as part of F.A.N. (family action network)
  • Assure quality of parent events, parent education program, school recruitment
  • Works with, or assigns others to work with, community leaders and organizations to leverage their contributions to Thrive


School Management

  • Oversees and insures successful day to day operations, delegating tasks when appropriate, and holding direct reports accountable for their responsibilities
  • Oversees recruitment and enrollment to assure that budget targets are met
  • Under guidance of Director of Business and Operations, manages the school’s budget allocations
  • Builds strong community and authorizer relations
  • Assures communication, such as newsletters, board reports, leadership updates are clear and regular
  • Meets regularly with advisory groups, families and community members, receives their feedback and strategically responds to it


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