Thrive's Essential Practices

For all of our students and families, the Thrive model includes the following components:

  1. Onsite orientation for students and parents;
  2. Personalized learning plans for every student;
  3. Exploration and tinkering each week;
  4. Daily community check-ins and social emotional learning opportunities  with peers, teachers and mentors;
  5. Personalized Instruction at school, where students are focused on content knowledge targeted just for them;
  6. Weekly literacy and numeracy time where students deepen their core skills;
  7. Weekly Project Based Learning time, facilitated by a teacher and focused on deeper learning, tinkering and hands-on learning;
  8. Student-led conferences where students at all levels (K-12) share what they are working on with adults in their life;
  9. 24/7 Student data dashboard available to students, teachers and families;
  10. Bi-yearly Exhibition of Projects where the community comes and sees the great work that students do;
  11. Bi-yearly Portfolio Defenses starting in Kindergarten, so students can show what they know to an authentic audience; and
  12. Family Facilitated Learning beyond the school day where students can practice, explore and continue their learning.

Our Approach

Learning to Learn

Learning to Do

Learning to Be


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