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Thrive Public Schools

Kroc Center Campus

6845 University Ave.

San Diego, CA 92115

Thrive has demonstrated that, through a blend of essentialist and progressivist methods, a truly student-centered, multicultural and forward-looking education can be realized. I am overwhelmed by the expert execution of these principles. Never before have I felt so confident about the education my children have received as I have in the short time my student has been in Thrive. You really have something special here as it not only edifies students, but education as a public institution.  -- 2016 Mid Year Parent Survey

School Start Time: 8:30am

Dismissal Times: Wednesday 1:15pm / All Other Days 3:45pm

 2016-2017 School Calendars: School / Carver / 54th / Kroc

Next Year's Calendar: 2017-2018

Bell Schedule




 Reimagining High School 

We've reimagined the traditional high school experience and collaborated with colleges to maximize what works and eliminate what doesn’t. Our program will offer students flexible scheduling, where they can spend more time on classes they most need, and focus on concepts they are still striving to master. Further, by splitting the year into 7 sessions, we allow students to complete more classes than they would in traditional bell schedule.  This in turn allows students to be better positioned for the competitive admissions process for colleges. Our multisession model provides students intensive elective experiences, hands-on exploration and competitive college preparatory classes, while simultaneously offering electives like SAT prep, internships and wellness.  We do all of this so students can have access to college prep coursework and high interest electives.

Thrive recognizes the tension between providing a robust and authentic educational experience and preparing students to be competitive in the post-secondary environment.  Thrive High will do both.  Our courses are offered in alternating 8-week and 2-week sessions (8x2), a model that emulates college terms and intersessions.  During the four 8-week quarters, students study traditional “core” classes: math, English, etc.  They also choose project-based electives, and participate in self-directed Studio time.  After each quarter, Thrive core teachers participate in two weeks of professional development and course planning, ensuring that the curriculum they provide is second to none.  At the same time, students complete their graduation requirements in foreign language and visual arts, and round out their day with college and career readiness courses, such as SAT/ACT prep.







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