Learn to Learn

At Thrive, we personalize learning and adjust instruction to meet the needs of each student, rather than asking students to meet the needs of the organization. The end result is that students Learn to Learn, with strong skills in numeracy and literacy.  When students Learn to Learn, they have the academic skills necessary to be prepared for the academic rigor of a college education.

During part of each day, students use interactive tech‐based learning programs such as ST Math, Think Through Math, Lexia, Reading Plus and Brain Pop to proceed at their own pace toward mastery of skills and concepts. These tech‐based learning tools provide instant data about academic progress and enable teachers to provide small group and one‐on‐one support based on student needs. This real time adaptation of learning ensures each student is progressing along a personalized course of learning at his or her own pace. Curriculum such as Readers’ and Writers’ Workshop and CGI Math provide collaborative opportunities for small groups to work directly with the teacher, while other students work on laptops or at stations.

This personalized approach of learning is sometimes called Blended Learning. 


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