Social Emotional Learning

At Thrive, we believe the greater purpose of learning is not only to DO, but to BE. Blended Learning on its own is highly effective in growing human doings—but our ultimate goal is greater—we want to grow human beings.

Social Emotional Learning has become increasingly important in the digital age. High-quality human interactions are essential in personalizing learning. The elements that make Blended Learning so effective and appealing (using multiple tools, small group work, freedom, and choice) are the same reasons that Blended Learning must be associated with social emotional support for students. To build the skills needed for students to thrive in a Blended Learning environment, we focus on Fostering Student Voice, Building ResilienceGenerating Self-Advocacy, and Teaching Self-Regulation. In short, socially and emotionally robust kids.


Our Approach

Learning to Learn

Learning to Do

Learning to Be


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