Dede Alpert,  Former Assembly Woman and State Senator

Ben Boyce, Manager of Public Affairs at Southwest Strategies

Lisa Corr, Partner, Young Minney and Corr, LLP

Rod Dammeyer, Chairman, CAC; Board Member, Ca. Charter Schools Ass. & High Tech High

Tom Davis, Director of Events and Corporate Sponsorships, CALSA

Dr. Donna Elder, Dept. Chair of Educational Leadership and Teacher Education, National U.

Kerry Flanagan, Cheif of Staff, California Charter Schools Association

Stanley V. Heyman, President, Heyman & Associates

Ben Hueso, State Senator

Heather Lattimer, Associate Dean, USD School of Leadership & Education Sciences

Diane Levitt, Director of K-12 Education, Cornell

David Lynn

Chet Pipkin, Founder, President and CEO of Belkin International

Tom Torlakson, Superintendent of Public Instruction for the State of California

Jed Wallace, President and Chief Executive Officer, California Charter Schools Association

Dr. Matthew Wunder, Chief Executive Officer, Da Vinci Schools

Buzz Woolley

Mark Wyland, State Senator 


If you want to support Thrive in our mission to influence best practices in education, pioneer new systems for student success and expand students’ futures, we always need more friends! Just reach out and together will make sure that every child matters and thrives.  

Charter schools are free public schools created by educators and communities, and run by a Board of Directors. These schools give families alternatives to the traditional public school system. Charters are held to a higher level of accountability than traditional public schools, in exchange for instructional autonomy. Charters must meet and exceed district and state expectations in order to remain operational.  Many of California’s 1200+ charter schools are out-performing the traditional public schools in their areas. You can learn more at


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