Mission & Vision

At Thrive we expand futures by personalizing learning and engaging learners so students are College-Prepared, Career-Inspired,and Community-Minded.

We believe every child can meet high expectations for success – beyond “proficiency” in core subjects – if the school and instructors adapt to meet individual students needs, rather than expecting students to adapt to the needs of schools. We are re-imagining school because our students today grow up in an ever changing, technology rich society. Here, the educational experience adapts and grows with our students. Based on research and extensive work in and with top innovating schools across the nation, Thrive Public Schools offers a unique program that blends the very best of what is proven to work for students.


By 2020, Thrive will influence educational practice through pioneering new systems for student success, inspire greater outcomes and expand the reach and futures for those who enter its doors. 



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