Student Record Requests

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Parents and guardians may request copies of their child's cumulative school records file by contacting the California Department of Education – Charter Schools Division by one of the following methods.



Phone: 916-322-6029

Fax: 916-322-1465

Postal Service Mail: Charter Schools Division, 1430 N Street, Sacramento, California 95814.


Due to the time-sensitivity of such requests, emailed request are preferred.


Records requests should contain the following information:

Requestor name, School name, or District name

School the student last attended  

Parent/guardian full legal name

Student full legal name


Grade level

Student ID number

Description of student information that is being requested  


Information regarding where or whom the records should be delivered to:

Individual name, School name, or District name

Mailing address or email address

This form is not open yet.