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Mission & Vision

Our Mission at Thrive is simple: to prepare, inspire and connect

We believe every child can meet high expectations for success – beyond “proficiency” in core subjects – if the school and instructors adapt to meet individual students’ needs, rather than expecting students to adapt to the needs of schools. We are re-imagining school because our students today grow up in an ever changing, technology rich society. Here, the educational experience adapts and grows with our students. 

The Thrive Model


Prepare:  Our children must be critical thinkers, prepared to digest information and make decisions on their own. Thrive students are taught to be discerning creators and consumers of information. We create a personalized learning path for each student and adjust instruction to meet their needs. Our research proven strategies give students the strong skills they need in numeracy and literacy to be prepared for the academic rigor of college education.


Students use interactive, tech-based learning programs to proceed at their own pace toward mastery of skills and concepts. Our learning tools provide instant data on academic progress and enable teachers to provide small group instruction and one‐on‐one support based on student needs. Real time data means we can quickly intervene to help a student who is struggling with the material.


Inspire: Thrive helps students tap into their personal strengths and passions through project-based learning. Students have hands-on, minds-on learning experiences to help them develop critical thinking, creativity, problem-solving, motivation, communication and cooperation. They learn to be goal setters and goal achievers, inspired to take on big problems with big ideas.


Thrive teachers actively engage students through intra-disciplinary projects which demonstrate how school subjects – math, science, language arts, technology, history and more – intersect in the real world. We build excitement for learning through partnerships with community organizations and businesses in the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) field. Tinkering, robotics, arts, chess and other opportunities for exploratory learning are available to enhance creative and inquisitive thinking. Students take an active role in what and how they learn.


Connect: The third piece of the Thrive puzzle is instilling a deep sense of community in our students. Thrive is a social emotional learning school. We foster a connection between doing and being and believe the way we get the job done, and our level of effort, are just as important as the work we produce. Doing good work with integrity makes everyone more effective in the 21st century workplace.


We set high standards for student behavior. We teach our students the importance of empathizing with their peers and to respect one another’s path in life. We emphasize good decision making in the pursuit of ambitious goals, helping students understand that some of their greatest lessons can come from reflection on “failures.” Thrive students learn confidence through their personalized learning paths and the support of their teachers.