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In the News

People are talking about Thrive - here's some of what they have to say! 
LA School Report, Nov 20, 2018 
KUSI News, Nov 13, 2018
Getting Smart, April 2018


Middle and High Schools to Visit: 2018 Additions

Getting Smart, April 16, 2018 


San Diego Festival of Science & Engineering Preview

KUSI News, March 2, 2018


2018 Parents Guide to Public Schools

Voice of San Diego, Spring 2018 


Meet Nicole Assisi of Thrive Public School

SD Voyager, Feb 15, 2018


National Study: San Diego's Fern Street Circus Helps At-Risk Youth Develop Social And Emotional Skills

KPBS, Feb 15, 2018


Collaboration: Key to Successful Teams and Projects

Getting Smart, Feb 13, 2018  


Smart List: 50 Organizations, Schools, Networks and Resources Improving SEL

Getting Smart, Oct 31, 2017


Creating an Intentionally Diverse School: Lessons Learned

New Schools Venture Fund, Oct 30, 2017


The Six Ideas Taking Hold in Innovative San Diego Schools

Voice of San Diego, Oct 3, 2017 


Personalized Learning Expert Chat

Teachers' Guild and the Learning Accelerator Webinar, Sept 19, 2017


Community of Collaboration

USD News, Sept 5, 2107 


Collaborative effort bringing school to Linda Vista

San Diego Union Tribute, Sept 1, 2017


New Thrive Charter School and Community Center Coming to Linda Vista

7 San Diego, Aug 18, 2017 


CEO, Dr. Nicole Assisi on The Mike Slater Show

KFMP, July 31, 2017


Measuring What Matters

Education Week, May 31, 2017


Embedding SEL Across the Curriculum

Getting Smart, March 28, 2017


Smart List: 85 Elementary & Middle Schools Worth Visiting

Getting Smart, March 21, 2017


75 Top School and Charter Networks 

Getting Smart, March 14, 2017  


Innovation, Empowerment and Positive Change in San Diego Schools

Getting Smart, March 10, 2017


Professional Learning: The Power of School Visits

Getting Smart, March 7, 2017  


Photo: Adaptive Sports and Recreation Association, Wheelchair Basketball Tournament 2017 (featuring Thrive student)

San Diego Union Tribune, Feb 12, 2017


San Diego Charter Schools Lead The Pack In Special Ed Program Integration 

KPBS, Jan 16, 2017


Nicole Assisi's Seven Tips for Diversifying Your Organization

Competency Works, Sept 7, 2016 


Following a First Year Teacher to Learn About Special Ed's Challenging Changes

KPBS News, Sept 1, 2016