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As the co-author of Disrupting Class and co-founder of the Christensen Institute, I have had the pleasure of visiting hundreds of schools all over the world. Thrive is far and away one of my favorites. Thrive delivers on its promise to personalize learning for all students so that all students can fulfill their human potential. The school has perhaps the most thoughtful mix of building students' background knowledge and then unleashing students to work on projects where they can apply and extend that knowledge in the development of deeper learning that I've seen anywhere. Thrive is a gem for the community it serves, and one of the best kept secrets in the education world. It is a national model of success. I enjoy sharing their success when I speak nationally and hold their program and team of talented educators as a model for what more schools should be. -Michael B. Horn, Co-founder of and a distinguished fellow at the Clayton Christensen Institute for Disruptive Innovation


“Thrive’s innovative teaching method tailors learning to each child’s needs and learning styles. This institutions unique approach enables students to succeed in an ever-changing age of information, be prepared for higher education and future success.” -Sen. Mark Wyland, 38th Senate District, California State Senate

“I have watched Thrive grow and am impressed with their commitment to students and their approach to instruction. It  has been a pleasure to visit their campus and work with their team.” -Robin Lund, CA Department of Ed.  

“The Girard Foundation and I personally believe in Thrive’s educational model and have lead the effort to provide a first class facility to this first class team of educators.” -Buzz Woolley, Girard Foundation

“As a leader in reimagining education in San Diego, I am proud to be one of Thrive’s first supporters launching their growth from one school to three.” -Rod Dammeyer

"Bayside Community Center has served the needs of our diverse Linda Vista community for more than 85 years. This new partnership with Thrive Public Schools will allow us to continue to serve hundreds of people daily and support the greater community through educational empowerment."  -Corey Pahanish, Bayside Community Center