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What Do Our Parents Say About Thrive?

I really appreciate that Thrive wants to hear my child's voice and opinions and has given him tools to do so in a positive way that help him to communicate with others. -- 2015 End of Year Parent Survey

  • "I feel like we are an important part of the Thrive community and I am so excited that my children will grow up in this type of environment." -- 2015 End of Year Parent Survey
  • "We did not feel the traditional approach in our neighborhood school was preparing our child for the workforce of tomorrow, or even today. Additionally, we liked the smaller, more personalized school structure - everyone knows who she is/can't get lost in a crowd. She is a child who is still developing her internal motivation and needs the focused attention/call to accountability and praise to progress. In middle school age though, it is a challenge because there are less social opportunities to connect as there are much fewer kids she has things in common with."  -- 2015 End of Year Parent Survey

I was looking for a school where my child would have the same equal opportunity as the other kids had to learn regardless of her learning disabilities. -- 20016 Mid Year Parent Survey

  • "Our child has grown in ways she never would have at a traditional middle school. This is a difficult age but your program will help her emerge so strong and ready to take on high school and beyond. We won't be sorting out middle school problems in high school. Thank you!" -- 2015 End of Year Parent Survey
  • "Thrive is exceptional in working with parents as partners -- relationships are of paramount importance." -- 2016 Mid Year Parent Survey

My son has fallen in love with school all over again. I can not emphasize enough about my happiness with all of the faculty and support staff. -- 2016 Mid Year Parent Survey

  • "Super excited about restorative practices circles and building relationships of trust among community members. I believe this is the way toward participation on other levels. Fun events and gatherings, as well as fund raising are beneficial but are only a portion of creating connection and buy-in to the vision of supporting the school. I'm looking forward to being a part of building deeper connections at Thrive." -- 2016 Mid Year Parent Survey
  • "I love how many teachers know my daughter's name and welcome her everyday to school. It is such a heartwarming to see. I am glad that she has exposure to the other teachers and students in PBL's throughout the day." -- 2016 Mid Year Parent Survey

I appreciate the teachers' and staffs' commitment to a safe environment for the students and a zero tolerance of bullying.  -- 2016 Mid Year Parent Survey

  • "We chose Thrive for the 'out of the box' learning experience. We liked that there is emphasis on socio-emotional development and that classrooms are set up for project-based learning. We also appreciate that Thrive is equipped to encourage learning that meets kids at different levels."  -- 2016 Mid Year Parent Survey
  • "I appreciate the newsletters and updates. They give me insight into my child's learning environment and I use them as tools to discuss what was taught and learned." -- 2016 Mid Year Parent Survey
  • "Thrive espouses values and methodologies that are at the core of my own educational philosophy. And while many have attempted it, few have succeeded on the level that Thrive has. My wife and I decided it was important that our youngest student be given the opportunity to experience this type of education, regardless of the sacrifice. We believe in the vision of Thrive." -- 2016 Mid Year Parent Survey
I appreciate that Thrive does what it says it will do, on all counts. Thrive has true organizational integrity. This is rare.-- 2016 Mid Year Parent Survey