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Director Message

Welcome to Thrive Juanita Street: the school that feels like home and launches us into a world bigger than our own backyard.  Here at Juanita Street, we represent cultures and communities from all over San Diego … and the world!  We are a family with empathy -- committed to knowing, seeing, and valuing each individual.  We are learners with agency -- uncovering each unique genius and pathway to success.  We are thinkers with discernment -- seeking out multiple perspectives and designing creative solutions.

Over the last three years, the children, parents, staff and friends of Juanita have taken a blank canvas and created a masterpiece.  As the new director of Juanita Street, I am honored to be a part of this vibrant, caring, and creative community and to build on the work that has already been started.  I know that you are looking for something special in your child’s education: a place where they are loved, curious, inspired, and opening doors to a thriving future. In my 15th year as an educator, I believe with my whole heart that our school is that place.  As Thrive families, you are trailblazers who have chosen to be part of a great innovation where we have reimagined what’s possible in education.  Our children are sure to make real contributions to the world around them.  Adelante!

With love,


Thrive Juanita Street

Growing.  Connected.  Community.

Exactly where we’re meant to be.