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Director Message

It is my pleasure to welcome you to our school and new site!  Thrive High School provides students with unique experiences that will empower them to act with Empathy, walk with Agency, and use Discernment.  We will set our students up to positively impact themselves, others and even the world!

In classes like English, Science, Art, and History, students will be asked to explore topics relating to Media Arts and Design. Students will engage in innovative and interdisciplinary projects relevant to their own futures and DREAMs. DREAM is an acronym we are using here at Thrive High that stands for what we hope our students will carry with them into their lives after high school: Discernment, Responsibility, Empathy, and Agency in Media. Together, we are developing a collaborative, engaging environment where kids will DREAM big!

We are excited for our partnerships with the various organizations that provide students internships, and our local community.

If you are interested in being college-prepared and career-inspired, apply today!

Carmina Osuna


Thrive High School

First Day of School