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Project Based Learning

In addition to a personalized, rigorous and standards-aligned core instructional program, Thrive's work includes career preparation and community building. According to the San Diego County Office of Education, only 26% of students in San Diego acquire a 4-year degree by age 24, while an estimated 65% of all jobs in 2020 will require a college education. It is predicted that given the pace of change, only 10% of students who do graduate college will have the skills to work in areas most needed in San Diego.  

Thrive has invested heavily in the skills students need to break out of this gloomy projection. In particular, students engage in Project Based Learning (worthy problems, fieldwork, research, and exhibition) and circle practices, including Council. Thrive is proud that all Thrive students participate in projects, including public exhibition of those projects twice yearly, and that all Thrive students and Thrive educators sit together in Council on a regular basis. We believe that the inter- and intrapersonal skills built by these too approaches to collaborative, authentic work will unlock doors for our students that literacy and numeracy alone cannot. These practices are discussed more fully later in this petition.