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Personalized Toward Proficiency

Education hasn’t changed much in the last 100 years, but our kids are changing all the time. That is why Thrive is breaking out of the box of traditional education by making sure every child has a joyful, personalized, and deeply engaging learning experience.


Personalized Toward Proficiency: At Thrive, teachers effectively use technology to help every child reach their personal best. Each elementary student has their own personalized learning plan to ensure they expand their future and have access to college and careers. As students progress through middle and high school and gain grade level competency, they focus on setting specific goals that will get them to and through college.


Engaging: At Thrive, we build a love of learning in our students by connecting what they learn in the classroom to the real world. They learn through building, creating, designing and exploring the world around them.


Joyful: At Thrive, every student is known, seen and valued by their teacher and each other. We work every day to foster deep connections and celebrate amazing differences in our racially and economically diverse community.


The Thrive Guarantee

To assure that our graduates are college prepared, career inspired, and community connected, our TK-12 program provides explicit instruction, deliberate practice, productive struggle and meaningful assessment.