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Charter Renewal Information



We recognize that this is a fast-moving and confusing time for our community. Our goal is to use this page to provide the most up-to-date information regarding Thrive’s status and planned next steps.  



Current Status:

  1. We are studying legal options to continue operating Thrive into the future. There may be several opportunities for us to remedy the injustices served our community through the courts, which could potentially allow us to continue operating into next school year and beyond.
  2. We are exploring potential options to continue serving students at our campuses. Thrive leaders are working with other local organizations and community groups to explore possibilities for our students to continue receiving quality education at our current facilities. 
  3. We want to support Thrive families as they explore back-up plans. We know it’s always smart to have a back-up plan and want to be totally supportive of our families as they explore their options. See below for information on other school options. Even if you choose to enroll in another school as a back up plan, we hope you will ultimately choose to stay at Thrive now and in the fall. Parents can always change their minds after signing up for another school.


How We Got Here:


As a charter school, Thrive has to go through a standard process every 5 years to have our charter renewed. We first attempted to be renewed locally, through the San Diego Unified School District. We were denied through this process because the San Diego Unified Board felt they were bound to deny us based on an outdated law valuing proficiency over student’s actual growth. We appealed this decision through a series of steps that culminated before the State Board of Education on March 14, 2019 for a final vote. At this vote, the Board had only 7 voting members present. The law stipulated that regardless of how many members were present, 6 votes were needed for any motion to pass. There were not enough votes to pass any motion and therefore the State Board took “no action.” This means that for right now, the San Diego Unified School District’s decision to not renew Thrive’s charter stands.



Most Recent Parent Communications:


Other School Options


We hope you will ultimately choose to stay at Thrive now and in the Fall, but we know it's also smart to have a back-up plan. Below is information on options for other schools that you may find helpful. This has been compiled based on information provided to Thrive from these schools. This is only meant as a guide and by no means contains information on all other schools. 


For a list of Public Charter, Private and Independent School friends of Thrive, see the links below (which will be updated regularly). You can also view this google map to see which schools are located where.


For information on San Diego Unified School District, call the hotline at 619-260-2420


How to Help: 

Thrive parents across campuses have formed a Parent Action Group. This group is entirely parent-led. 

Email Chris at to express your interest and find out more details.



Email our Director of External Relations at anytime with questions.